Safety Technology for 18-wheeler Accident Prevention

As with anything else, most people turn to technology to solve their problems. When it comes to driving, motorists rely on their gadgets to enhance safety when they are travelling. The same applies to truck-trailers or semis, because it is a major problem when an 18-wheeler accident occurs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least two rear-end heavy truck accidents occur hourly somewhere in the US. And when a big rig hits you, you will definitely know it.

It is therefore desirable that effective safety devices be installed in these highway behemoths. In general, the 18-wheeler accident prevention technique used for these devices is in the nature of a warning system. A typical safety gadget would give an alert whenever it detects that the driver is asleep, starts to drift to other lanes, or driving in an unsafe manner. Unfortunately, US highways are not designed for easy detection of legitimate and incidental obstacles, so drivers are subjected to constant, unnecessary and, eventually, ignored warnings. Whatever benefits that may have accrued from this system is offset by familiarity and the accompanying contempt.

There have been some developments on this front, however. There are some safety gadgets available that will actually apply the brakes when verbal warnings are ignored or go unheard (i.e. because the driver is asleep) and it becomes necessary. This will prevent or at least lessen the impact of an 18-wheerler accident considerably. Hopefully, more features of a similar kind will be incorporated in later versions of the safety devices currently being offered, such as something similar to the ignition interlock device required in some states for drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated or under the influence. Prevention is the best medicine, after all.

No amount of technology can replace responsible driving behavior, however. Avoiding an 18-wheeler accident rests mainly on the nut behind the wheel. If you or someone you know is ever injured in an 18-wheeler accident because the driver was over-fatigued, under the influence, distracted, or otherwise negligent, consult with a truck accident lawyer at once.

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