Qualities of Good Content Writers

Content writers are a dime a dozen. Any half-bit, two penny joker with a working computer who can put together 300 or 500-word articles consider themselves content writers. And technically, they would be right. Content is, after all, anything that provides information to an audience for some purpose in a discernible medium. So anyone can make a 500-word rant about Justin Bieber and that would still be content. But that wouldn’t necessarily make that person a good content writer.

In order to find good content writers, you need to be on the lookout for certain qualities. Good content writers are people who are objective, conscientious, accurate, and form-conscious when they write. As much as possible, articles should convey a sense of detachment to increase its credibility to readers. An obviously biased article may lose some ground when it comes to people who genuinely want to know. Content writers may hold forth on opinions about what they are writing about, but these opinions must be backed up with facts and research.

Good content writers do not “fluff” an article just to reach the required word count. The material needs to be concise, substantive, informative and correct, and most of all, original. It should also engage a reader’s attention and interest in a positive way. A rant may be interesting to people who hold the same opinion about the subject matter, but may be objectionable or offensive to others.

Last of all, but certainly not least, good content writers always use correct grammar and have the ability to structure their articles logically and with good flow. It doesn’t matter how immensely valuable the information being presented is. If it is poorly organized and riddled by grammatical errors, it will be very difficult for the reader to follow, and the article will lose its informational value.

So if you need to find good content writers, always ask to see samples of their work. Most content writers take it as a given that they need to be able to write about a wide range of topics, so the actual subject matter is not important. What is important is that the writer demonstrates the qualities discussed above, and if the work shows this, you will have found yourself a good content writer.

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