Prioritizing Appearances

There’s nothing quite like getting a new hairdo that you like, and nothing much worse than getting one that you hate. A haircut has the power to make us feel confident and beautiful, at least until we can’t get it to lay the same way that the stylist did after washing it the first time. Seriously though, a haircut really can make or break the way a person looks, which can, like it or not, change the way others perceive them.

Everyone would like to think that they’re not shallow, but to some extent, we all are. Even if we don’t mean to, we’re all making assumptions about people based on the way we see them. If someone comes into a job interview looking unkempt or in mismatched clothes, the interviewer might not pay as much attention to the good talking points they have on their resume. At the same time, a person who walks into an interview with confidence, looking like they put time and effort into their appearance, may have a better chance than a more qualified candidate. I’m not saying that it’s good that we judge others based on the way they look – in fact, it’s often a very bad thing. However, I am saying that it’s true. Appearances do matter to most people to some extent. Whether or not you change yourself to fit into people’s expectations is entirely up to you.

All that said, it’s important to remember that prioritizing the way you look doesn’t have to mean you’re selling out and just trying to “fit the mold.” Instead, many people view their style as a way to announce themselves to the world and project who they are. A good hairstyle can be part of that. At a good salon, the stylist would ideally want to execute your vision for your hair, rather than just give you the standard cut that they give everyone who sits down in their chairs. Therapy Hair Studio in Houston, for example, prioritizes the needs of their clients so highly that they offer complimentary drinks and bill the experience of getting your haircut there as a relaxing experience rather than a burden.

Lots of high-end salons will do things like this to make the necessity of getting a haircut more fun. Stylists at these salons want to make sure their clients are satisfied with their cuts, which is why they sometimes take hours – all day, even – to get it right. While those who are practically inclined probably prefer to get a haircut over and done with, it’s those who view style as a vehicle for their personality that often pay more for a better experience and a guarantee of success.

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