How to Prevent a Motorcycle Crash

There is always something in the news about vehicular accidents, but a motorcycle crash report almost always involves a fatality. A motorcycle is particularly vulnerable on the road because of its inherent instability, the speed at which it can travel, its size and weight comparative to other vehicle types, and the lack of protective shielding for its rider, according to personal injury lawyer, Ali Mokaram. And yet because it is a fast, economical and convenient way to travel, more and more people are opting for motorcycles as their preferred mode of transportation, especially those above 125 cc.

Tips on Avoiding a Motorcycle Crash

Be conspicuous. Motorcycle riders have a tendency to wear dark clothing and safety gear because they don’t show dirt so easily and they look cool. But for safety’s sake it is better to opt for something bright or fluorescent so that you can easily be seen by motorists, especially at night. If you really like black, at least have chrome fittings on your ride, and turn on your lights even in daytime.

Avoid weaving. Because motorcycles are so maneuverable, it is tempting to dart in and out of moving traffic to gain the advantage in traffic. But not all motorists signal when they turn, and not all look before changing lanes. Even if they do, by the time they see you it may be too late. As much as possible, stick to one lane, and choose the lane with the least number of vehicles.

Keep distance. Avoid getting too close to other vehicles, especially if you are on the highway. Larger vehicles tend to suck you in as they pass by at high speeds, and there doesn’t have to be any actual contact for you to lose your balance or get flicked off the road like a fly. Maintain a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you and your sides.

Be defensive. In a head-on motorcycle crash, the bike rider is sure to come off worse. So if you want to keep on riding, be defensive when crossing intersections and rounding a blind curve by slowing down..

It is in the interest of anybody who is sharing the road with motorcyclists to observe some safety rules to prevent a motorcycle crash. So if motorcycle riders would take care of their side of the problem, motorists will do the same.


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