Rollover – The Next Deadliest Form of Vehicular Accident after Head-on Collisions

One major responsibility drivers have on the road is strict observance of traffic rules to make sure that they never put anyone’s safety on the line. Prior to this, of course, is ensuring that their vehicle is in good condition and, thus, safe to drive.

With the number of vehicular accidents in the US still going over five million annually, and leaving at least 35,000 dead, obeying traffic rules should be a serious concern to all drivers. The website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® explains that there are many different causes of vehicular accidents, including speeding, reckless driving, driver error, road defects and car defects due to manufacturer’s fault; these causes are either within or outside of the driver’s control.

Though collisions are among the most common forms of vehicular accidents, counter-measures, like the road median separation treatment, have significantly reduced them. When two light vehicles collide, the extent of damage is determined by speed, such that damage to vehicle, seriousness of the injury or chance of loss of life is greater when speed is increased.

Such is not the case when the accident is a rollover. The next most deadly type of vehicular crashes after head-on collisions, rollover accidents always register higher rates of severe injury or fatality. SUVs are types of vehicles most prone to rollovers. Due to this, manufacturers have made sure that vehicles are made with greater stability. In fact, after 2010, both the static stability factor or SSF and the electronic stability control (ESC) in vehicles have been considerably increased; SSF measures a vehicle’s geometrical capability to defend against rollover, while ESC helps put a stop to loss of control and sideways skidding that can cause rollovers.

Rollovers are either tripped or untripped. Tripped rollovers, which are the most common types of rollovers, happen when a tire on your vehicle strikes or trips on something, like a tree stump, a guardrail, a bump or a soft or uneven ground, that can cause your vehicle to be thrown sideways or forward into a roll. An untripped rollover results from high speed, tight steering input and poor ground friction, like when you attempt to turn your vehicle too aggressively.

When you or someone you know gets involved in a rollover accident, especially if it is due to someone else’s recklessness or negligence, it may benefit you to contact a lawyer immediately. He or she will be able to explain to you all your legal rights in connection with the accident.

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Ghostwriting and the Advantages it can Give You, the Client

Writers who can find neither the time nor the inspiration to put their thoughts into words and make a truly good story or article out of them only need to search through the Internet and find someone else to do the writing for them just the way as they would write it.

Getting the services of a writer can be done by anyone. In fact, with so many different types of writers available, you can have them write anything for you; you can even be an author of a book without actually needing to write one yourself. One content writing company I found, Kinetic Word, offers a vast array of writing services including e-books, online articles, novels, essays, scripts, speeches, resume, application paper, business plans, research works, reports, and many more.It’s easy to find a writer who will suit your standard and match the style you will require. You need not worry about getting the credit for any write-up too. Once your hired writer submits to you what you required him or her to write, you can do whatever you want with the write-up: name it for yourself or anyone you like, sell or submit it for publication or for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Such is the nature of ghostwriting – it is you who will get all the credit in the end, not your ghostwriter. Unlike personal writing, where the writer freely has control over the style, use of words and favorite phrases, sentence patterns, type and level of vocabulary and others aspects of writing, ghostwriters have to write as if their clients were doing the writing themselves. A ghostwriter, therefore, will need to adopt your style, at least until the project is finished, all for the purpose of turning your ideas into money-making content.

You will learn from online content experts that some of the best writers are ghostwriters. Although ghostwriters themselves may not totally benefit from the work that they do, as some do not even get recognized by clients and no one else will know (besides themselves and the clients) that the work is actually by them. The full benefits of the written project will go to you, the client, who can continue earning from the article even long after it was finished.

Sellable content that is completed on your specified time , contains whatever information you want researched and written in outstanding quality (in terms of grammar, coherence, punctuation marks usage and style) – these are the guaranteed characteristics of a ghostwriter’s works. To make sure that you hire the right one for your writing needs ask for copies of your prospected ghostwriter’s previous works; these will show you his or her writing quality and style and help tell you whether to hire or look for someone else.

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Wrongful Death and the Rights of the “Real Parties in Interest”

When natural disasters strike, besides damaging properties, these can also harm and injure people. Those affected can seek help from the state and can apply for benefits from their insurance provider to be able to recover from any losses. Though painful, victims can do nothing much since the destruction was through the act of Mother Nature; they can only prepare in order to hopefully reduce the amount and extent of damages and harm the next time another disaster hits them.

If the injury, however, happened due to other people’s recklessness or negligence, the simple thought of their thoughtlessness about your safety, thus, your injury, somehow makes the suffering more painful to bear due to feelings of anger or frustration.

There are different ways by which a person may be harmed or injured; some of these include; a motor vehicle accident, product defect, slip and fall accident, job-related accident and dental or medical malpractice. Worse than a severe injury which a person may sustain through gross negligence, though, is wrongful or untimely death. Whatever the effect of the harm committed against any person due to a reckless or negligent act, such harm will be called tortious act or civil offense and, under the law, the tortfeasor, that is, the person or firm which caused the injury, is legally required to compensate the victim for whatever damages he or she has been and will be subjected to.

In the event of the victim’s death a representative acting on behalf of the deceased’s survivors, also known as real parties in interest, can file a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. States have different stipulation with regard to who these real parties in interest could be:

  • The immediate family members: refers to spouses, children and adopted children. For unmarried individuals, immediate family would refer to parents;
  • Financial dependents, putative spouses or life partners: some states consider those who were financially dependent on the deceased, like a life or domestic partner, as among the real parties in interest. Some states also include a “putative spouse, ” or a person who, in good faith, believes that he or she and the deceased were married;
  • Distant family members: there are some states which consider grandparents, brothers and sisters as qualified to file wrongful death claims;
  • All those suffering financially: this stipulation covers anyone who is financially affected and made to suffer by the victim’s death; this is actually due to the loss of care or support resulting from death;
  • Parents of a deceased fetus: there are states that consider the fetus’ death a basis for a wrongful death claim. Other states, however, maintain that wrongful death lawsuits may only be filed by parents whose child was born, but died shortly after birth.

Most legal advisors, such as the team at the Law Offices of Williams Kherkher, suggest that you hire the services of a highly competent legal counsel who will be able to advise you with regard to your legal rights or the rights of the family of the deceased, as well as how to fight for such rights.

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Safety Technology for 18-wheeler Accident Prevention

As with anything else, most people turn to technology to solve their problems. When it comes to driving, motorists rely on their gadgets to enhance safety when they are travelling. The same applies to truck-trailers or semis, because it is a major problem when an 18-wheeler accident occurs. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, at least two rear-end heavy truck accidents occur hourly somewhere in the US. And when a big rig hits you, you will definitely know it.

It is therefore desirable that effective safety devices be installed in these highway behemoths. In general, the 18-wheeler accident prevention technique used for these devices is in the nature of a warning system. A typical safety gadget would give an alert whenever it detects that the driver is asleep, starts to drift to other lanes, or driving in an unsafe manner. Unfortunately, US highways are not designed for easy detection of legitimate and incidental obstacles, so drivers are subjected to constant, unnecessary and, eventually, ignored warnings. Whatever benefits that may have accrued from this system is offset by familiarity and the accompanying contempt.

There have been some developments on this front, however. There are some safety gadgets available that will actually apply the brakes when verbal warnings are ignored or go unheard (i.e. because the driver is asleep) and it becomes necessary. This will prevent or at least lessen the impact of an 18-wheerler accident considerably. Hopefully, more features of a similar kind will be incorporated in later versions of the safety devices currently being offered, such as something similar to the ignition interlock device required in some states for drivers convicted of driving while intoxicated or under the influence. Prevention is the best medicine, after all.

No amount of technology can replace responsible driving behavior, however. Avoiding an 18-wheeler accident rests mainly on the nut behind the wheel. If you or someone you know is ever injured in an 18-wheeler accident because the driver was over-fatigued, under the influence, distracted, or otherwise negligent, consult with a truck accident lawyer at once.

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Qualities of Good Content Writers

Content writers are a dime a dozen. Any half-bit, two penny joker with a working computer who can put together 300 or 500-word articles consider themselves content writers. And technically, they would be right. Content is, after all, anything that provides information to an audience for some purpose in a discernible medium. So anyone can make a 500-word rant about Justin Bieber and that would still be content. But that wouldn’t necessarily make that person a good content writer.

In order to find good content writers, you need to be on the lookout for certain qualities. Good content writers are people who are objective, conscientious, accurate, and form-conscious when they write. As much as possible, articles should convey a sense of detachment to increase its credibility to readers. An obviously biased article may lose some ground when it comes to people who genuinely want to know. Content writers may hold forth on opinions about what they are writing about, but these opinions must be backed up with facts and research.

Good content writers do not “fluff” an article just to reach the required word count. The material needs to be concise, substantive, informative and correct, and most of all, original. It should also engage a reader’s attention and interest in a positive way. A rant may be interesting to people who hold the same opinion about the subject matter, but may be objectionable or offensive to others.

Last of all, but certainly not least, good content writers always use correct grammar and have the ability to structure their articles logically and with good flow. It doesn’t matter how immensely valuable the information being presented is. If it is poorly organized and riddled by grammatical errors, it will be very difficult for the reader to follow, and the article will lose its informational value.

So if you need to find good content writers, always ask to see samples of their work. Most content writers take it as a given that they need to be able to write about a wide range of topics, so the actual subject matter is not important. What is important is that the writer demonstrates the qualities discussed above, and if the work shows this, you will have found yourself a good content writer.

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